You’ve got a great idea and you’d like to share it with others at Poser YOGA Studios?! We love sharing! Please tell us more!

We get many requests to offer workshops, day long retreats, and seminars at Poser YOGA Studios. Please fill out this form if you think our Poser YOGA community would benefit from your special offering. Once we receive your information, we will review and reach out to you to confirm your offering would be a good fit for our sacred space.

Poser YOGA Studios would:
Assist you with producing the event
Promote your event on our website, set up FB event, invite all current Poser YOGA Studios clientele, assist you with any fliers/posters if needed
Set up and handle all payments through Poser YOGA Studios Mind Body account
Provide you with attendance updates and final list
Day of event – open the studio, welcome guests on arrival and direct them to your event space, handle on site payments and lose the facility once the event is complete**
Cleaning is provided prior to the event, should there be any additional cleaning required after your event, this will be your responsibility
**If your event runs over the time allotted, there will be an additional charge for any additional staff hours**

As the Event Host, you would:
Be responsible for the overall production of the event including timings and all event information
Provide headshot, photos, artwork and description of the event – you may produce your own fliers***
Promote event on all of your own social media channels and provide links to Poser YOGA Studios
Take 40% of all revenue generated!!
***Flyers will have final approval by Poser YOGA Studios management to ensure integrity of our brand message***

And now, for a few questions…

This form will help us get the information we need to learn more about you and what you’d like to share with us! Thank you for taking the time, and we’ll be in touch!