Yoga for Change

We know with certainty that the services and support we provide are helping people get through the challenges of 2020 and we are 100% committed to sticking it out, especially during these tough times.

How could we possibly give up?
It’s simple… you need us, and we need you.

Many of us have a strong human need to contribute.
When we find something that impacts us in extremely powerful ways,
we have a desire to share it with others.

Yoga for Change
 is a campaign we’ve been working hard on and we’re so excited to launch it this weekend for Small Business Saturday!
This project will allow our community, as individuals impacted by the power of yoga, the opportunity to change the lives’ of others!

Last week we shared a letter written by Carrie Mitchell, one of our dedicated Poser members. Here’s an excerpt:
“We all know that Yoga is about so much more than movement on a mat.  It is community.  It is sharing space in body and spirit.  It is something that Port Angeles (and the world) needs now more than ever.  Together, we can support each other, our studio and our community… If you have the ability to join in this endeavor, [there are] some real ways we, as passionate Poser supporters, can make a difference.”

Carrie’s passion to help has inspired us to create a few ways that you can help as well, should you wish to.

Scroll down to see if our ideas spark inspiration in you!


You might have specific people in mind who would benefit from being gifted a few yoga classes. Perhaps they’ve put their practice on pause for financial reasons, or, maybe they’ve never taken a class and your gift might change their life! The amazing thing about our hybrid classes (virtual & in-person) is that you can share us with anyone… no matter where they live!
We’re offering 10 classes at $100 for you to gift to whomever you wish!
You might gift one person all 10 classes!
You might gift 10 people one class each!
At checkout, you can adjust the quantity and purchase as many packs of 10 as you like.
Please Note: We’ll be creating a customized email for you give to your recipients with instructions on how to redeem your gift. We’ll have these ready for you by December 10th, if not earlier.


The best ways to combat stress, fear, anxiety, and other discomforts is through movement and breath. These two tools are scientifically proven to improve your overall well-being, and give you the best chance at combating illness, should you get sick at all.
You might not know someone specifically, but likely you’re aware there are many who’d benefit greatly if they had the opportunity to experience the powerful impacts of yoga.
By making a donation to our studio, you will help us continue our mission to support our community in positive ways. Via outreach, community classes, special courses, workshops, etc. we’re striving everyday to find and connect with people who could benefit from our amazing services.

We’ve created two options for you to choose from, and at checkout, you can customize your quantity, should you wish to adjust your total.
We thank you in advance for any donation you may wish to give.
Trust that your generosity is already completely appreciated and will be passed on through our passion to love and support our community.