Yes, it’s true! Poser YOGA is Re-Opening Public Classes on Monday June 8th!

Yes! It’s true!

We’re so excited to be welcoming you back through our doors, beginning Monday, June 8th!

We acknowledge our part in keeping our community healthy and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. We’ve been doing our best to envision how these next few weeks might unfold and we’ve been working hard to ensure the necessary precautions will be in place as we re-instate our public classes. Some of you will be coming back right away, some of you will take a little longer before you feel comfortable taking public classes, and others of you will not feel comfortable for quite a while.

We’re here to support you… at your comfort level.

Life has changed. Routines have changed.
And our ways of doing things have changed.
AND… you can still expect THE BEST from us!

We plan to evaluate, and RE-evaluate as the weeks go by, in order to serve our community in the best ways. Consider our modified systems to be temporary, as time passes and we move in the direction of more comfort and less restrictions.

Please understand that everything is subject to change.
Nothing will be ‘set’ until we’re certain it’s working.

We ask for your patience as we navigate these situations that are completely unique and new to us.

We’re sharing a lot of information here. If you have questions, we’re absolutely available to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Email is best:

What’s New?
1. Smaller Class Capacity
2. Increased Cleaning & Sanitizing
3. Safety Procedures & Social Distancing
4. Blended Virtual & In-Person Class Schedule
5. Temporarily Limited Services

CLASSES: For the time being, we will be restricted to 5 students per class, therefore, in order to serve our entire community effectively, we will be live-streaming our in-person classes. The teacher, and up to 5 students will practice in the studio, and an unlimited number of students can live-stream the class from their home, as many of you have been doing since mid-March. INCREASED CLEANING: We will be doing everything we can to ensure that our facility is sanitary. High touch areas will be regularly and thoroughly cleaned using a high-grade disinfectant that is known to kill viruses. The studio floor and areas like door handles and light switches will be disinfected after each class. Team members will wear gloves when cleaning.SAFETY PROCEDURES & SOCIAL DISTANCING: Only those who meet requirements and follow mandatory safety guidelines are permitted. If you show signs of illness while present in the studio or you do not follow our safety protocol, we will ask you to leave.
Take a self-assessment here.
You will see new signage and floor markings to encourage social distancing and a smooth flow through the facility. The studio floor is marked out for 5 students’ yoga mats, a teacher zone, and an area for our recording equipment. We ask that one student at a time enter/leave the studio. Staff will have face coverings. Teachers and students shall wear face coverings until they have reached their yoga mat space. Face coverings will be replaced to leave the studio and the building.

MODIFIED CLASS SCHEDULE: Advanced reservations for our in-person classes will be required. For the first little while, we will post our classes one-week at at time. We don’t anticipate needing to do this for very long, we just need some time to manage the flow – we don’t exactly know what to expect with these in-person classes yet.
For now, in-person classes will be offered at 10AM and 5:30PM, Monday to Friday. You will see in Mindbody that there are 2 sign-up options for each class: VIRTUAL and STUDIO. (A few of our classes will remain virtual-only and will have no in-person options.)

Our schedule will grow as students reactivate their memberships and we’ve had some time to assess what the needs are.

For in-person classes, cancellations must occur 4 hours prior to class time.
*We are restricted to one-third of our normal class capacity and these spots are golden. PLEASE BE MINDFUL.

TEMPORARILY LIMITED SERVICES: For everyone’s safety, studio props will not be available. If you don’t have your own props and would like to purchase some, we have new & used options in our retail space. (Monthly members receive a 10% discount.)
Teachers will not be moving around the room during class or offering hand-on adjustments.
Our sauna, seating areas, and front lobby will be closed to lounging. These are all temporary, state requirements.

What’s Staying the Same?
1. Amazing Staff & Instructors
2. Friendly & Supportive Atmosphere
3. Clear Communication
4. Clean Facility
5. Monthly Memberships & Class Passes
6. Virtual Classes
7. Strong Attention to Detail and Quality Service
These have been tough times, and like so many businesses, we’ve had to make some very difficult decisions. We’re very ready to make this transition, and planning to come back better than ever! The support of our community these past few months has been incredible, and we wouldn’t be re-opening our doors were it not for those of you who were dedicated to maintaining your monthly memberships.Our gratitude is overflowing and “thank you” isn’t a strong enough expression!The greatest way to repay you is to continue giving you our best!Our teachers and staff are amazing, our services and instruction are the highest quality, and our members are the most supportive and encouraging we could ever dream to ask for.

We’re committed to keeping clear communication, a sparkling facility, strong attention to detail, and consistent evaluating of how we’re serving you.

And our class schedule will continue to grow, virtually and in-person.

Again, should you have questions/concerns with how we’re adapting to the times, please feel free to reach out.
Until we have regular office hours, email is the best way to reach us:

*Edited: As per WA state mandate: masks shall be worn by students and teachers until arrived at their personal, socially distant yoga mat space.