Why Yoga?

Many of our students have undergone HUGE transformations through the practice of Yoga. I’d LOVE for our students to share these personal journeys with our community! Would you be interested in sharing your story???

We all have AMAZING personal stories, and they need to be heard. There are many individuals out there who are still walking the path you used to walk. How inspirational would it be for someone to read about your journey?!

A few questions that might help get the juices flowing:

Why did you first choose you try Yoga?
Did it take a while to get started?
What/who encouraged you to take your first class?
How did you feel when you first started Yoga? What kept you going?
How long before you began to see results?
What are the results you began to notice?
Were any of these results unexpected?
Why do you choose to practice with Poser YOGA?
Any words of advice/encouragement to anyone thinking about Yoga?

Yoga, as far as the bulk of the West is concerned, is largely a physical practice. It’s common to choose Yoga for fitness, weight loss, stress relief, pain relief, etc. Most of us might’ve chosen Yoga for those reasons at first, however we’ve come to realize that Yoga is an inside job. We connect with ourselves and each other at levels unlike any other activity we might participate in!

I’d like you to keep this in mind as your prepare you story:
*Vulnerability, though terrifying, is what joins us together as humans. Dare to go there, if you can. I promise, you will touch others’ souls, very deeply. 

Please send a good quality image of yourself, along with your story. I look forward to reading it! And I look forward to having others read it too!

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