Special Deals

During this season of COVID-19, we’re offering some special Special Deals…

Shout it from the tallest buildings! Single class drop-ins are ON SALE for the rest of May!! Get 7 bucks off for individual classes until May 31st!
FYI: These passes are available to use for our Virtual classes.

We need human connection (and movement!), now more than ever. Our live classes are an incredible way to gather, connect, see each other’s faces, and move together. This might be a good gift for a friend or family member? (Let us know and we’ll help you gift it.)

Don’t be alone any longer…
1-week of unlimited online classes for $20
Pass activates when you reserve your first class
Get yours now and reserve your classes for the next 7 days!

Once we’re back in the studio, this is our best INTRODUCTORY deal…

Are you new to Poser YOGA? An Intro Pass is a great way to get started! Meet a few of our teachers, try a few of our classes, and get a glimpse of what it feels like to be a part of our yoga family!

2 WEEKS UNLIMITED for $39 (valued at $65)
There are so many factors that can influence your experience of Yoga — the style(s) of Yoga you try, the teachers you learn from, the amount of (or lack of) sleep you’ve had, hydration, foods you’ve eaten (or if you’re hungry!), injuries and/or ailments in your body, emotional turmoil, the weather, etc. If this is your first time at Poser YOGA, take advantage of our “First Timer’s Intro Pass” and come as much as you like (to both locations!) for $39. Are you ready for your transformation!
*This pass expires after 2 weeks.Locals only. BUY NOW!