We Must Simplify for Sustainability

Dear Poser YOGA Family,

It’s with a very heavy heart that I share with you Cody and I have decided to close our Sequim locations of Poser YOGA and 5th Element BJJ/MMA. We’ve not come to this decision easily. We put our hearts and souls into our services, as do our staff and teachers, and we’re so sad that this is the choice we’ve had to make. This news is bittersweet as we’ve just celebrated our 6th anniversary, however, these past few months have been extremely challenging, and in order to continue with a sustainable business plan we must take a step back and simplify. It is impossible for us to look ahead without making some big changes, this being one of them.

Please know that this Sequim closure is not a forever thing, but a for now thing. When the time is right, we will definitely be back.

For now, we are offering VIRTUAL classes only. We have no in-person classes anywhere, at least until the end of May, likely longer.

Moving forward:
1.)   We see a blend of in-person classes and virtual classes when our doors re-open. To what extent, we don’t know yet. It’s difficult to predict exactly what the needs of our community will be in these coming months, especially considering that social-distancing regulations will probably be in place for some time. The ‘plan’ right now, is to stay flexible and adaptable as our needs become clearer.
2.)   We hope our Sequim students might consider carpooling to PA and we’re open to hearing what times of day would meet your needs. As best as we can we’ll take these requests into consideration with our new/modified schedules. We really do want to make it work for you.
3.)   When we’re back in the studio, and offering the blend of in-person and virtual classes, we will have virtual-only membership options in place for those who would like to maintain their practice with us but don’t plan to travel to our Port Angeles studio.
4.)   We’ve been building our Poser YOGA library of recorded classes and we’re looking forward to expanding that in new and exciting ways (ie: courses, workshops, etc.).
5.)   We’re heading into summer and as soon as we’re able/allowed, we’ll be offering outdoor pop-up classes anywhere we can, in PA, Sequim, and surrounding areas.

This list is not complete. We truly do want to keep our Sequim community alive and connected. If you have ideas, please send them our way.

We know, this news is extremely disappointing. This closure will affect each of our Sequim members differently and you may have questions/concerns. I’m absolutely available to discuss these changes further on the phone.
Please email me (poserstudios@gmail.com) and we will schedule a call.

Until any of us are able to see each other again,
may we be happy, and may we be healthy.

Namaste & Virtual Hugs,
Jenny & the Poser YOGA Team

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great.” -Paulo Coelho