Keep An Open Mind, by Andy Brastad

Pic of Any BrastadAs Shakespeare‘s HAMLET said:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

This can be interpreted like this: ‘You have to believe what’s right in front of your eyes, even if you didn’t previously believe it.’ Or more loosely interpreted… keep an open mind regarding things that you may not yet understand.

The body is composed of minerals, cellular liquids, and other compounds that make up the physical body. These constituents make up cells, tissues, organs which in their very basic form are chemical compounds made up of atoms and other sub-atomic particles. We know that atoms can be positively, or negatively charged or have a neutral charge. Groups of atoms then have an electromagnetic charge. Taken altogether, the various electromagnetic fields that exist in the body create an energy field that pulses at a frequency unique to each individual. This energetic field surrounds the body and extends out one to three feet.

The human body also contains energy centers know as chakras or dan-tiens. These energy fields resonate with their own specific frequency. In Qi Gong we concentrate on three of these energy fields to open, balance, and harmonize them with each other and the body as a whole. In doing so we increase our own internal energy (known as Qi) to restore and maintain good health.

Our health, mood, feelings, all affect the strength and vibrational energy field frequency. When a person is healthy/happy, they have an optimistic outlook and they’re content. Their vibrational frequency is high. When a person is pessimistic/sad/worried/depressed, their vibrational frequency is lower. If this condition persists for an extended period of time, the person is prone to disease and poor health. In Qi Gong we work to not only harmonize and balance our Qi energy, but through meditation, we balance our emotions as well.

Even if you don’t practice Qi Gong, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t working within you. Having a positive, optimistic outlook will benefit you greatly and hopefully lead to a long happy life. And that is partly due to the power of Qi Gong.

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