Heated Yoga

Do you hate the idea of being in a hot room and sweating excessively? Are you feeling terrified to try yoga in the heat? Does Heated Yoga sound like the LAST place you’d like to be? You might be surprised. Yes, there are definitely horror stories about Hot Yoga, and we’ll be honest, this kind of class can get intense, but we promise, it’s all in the preparation beforehand, and your approach while you’re in the room. There are SO MANY health benefits to Heated Yoga and if you trust that you’re in good hands, and trust that this particular style of yoga practice is designed to help you maintain stability amidst the challenge of the heat, you will be just fine. If you’re even the slightest bit curious, we urge you to give it a try. And if nothing else, lay down on your mat and enjoy a warm Savasana for an hour! That┬ásounds good, right?┬áBy the way, there will be no heat-inducing postures in these classes (Vinyasa flows/ downward-facing dogs/inversions) which will be very appealing to those with shoulder/wrist injuries and/or limited strength/mobility.
What IS Heated Yoga?
Heated Yoga is a sequence of set postures, practiced in warm and humid conditions.The repetitive and predicable nature of this type of class allows you to focus your attention on staying calm and relaxed, and as well, you have the opportunity to track improvement over time.
What Are the Benefits?
-Develop strength and flexibility in the safety of a warm room
-Ease aches and pains of joints and muscles
-Flush and clear your skin through perspiration
-Improve the inner workings of your body: digestion and elimination, metabolism, circulation, pulse, and lymphatic systems
-Enhance mental awareness; improve focus, clarity and concentration
-Experience a general tendency of feeling better over all; higher levels of energy and self confidence often lead to the desire to eat nutritiously and become more active in daily life
Come Prepared
Please bring a towel large enough to cover your yoga mat. You’ll most likely be sweating, and your mat will become slippery. Come hydrated and bring a water bottle. Avoid eating a full meal right before class – a piece of fruit might be all you need. Arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can get into the room and acclimate to the temperature, plus, it’s nice to get a mini Savasana before class starts!