The Hardest Part About Yoga

“The hardest part about Yoga is making it to class.”¬†This is truer than true, isn’t it?

I polled some students today, asking them to share their reasons why they sometimes don’t make it to class. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

*I was feeling lazy.
*Once I got home, I wanted to stay at home.
*My friend(s) canceled and I didn’t want to go alone.
*Financial limitations.
*My schedule conflicts with class times.
*I needed to help with grandkids/family members.
*I had too much to do.

None of these answers surprised me. They’re all very real and very valid reasons. What I WAS surprised to hear was this:

*Sometimes I work through my lunch break so I can leave early and make it to class.
*Sometimes I leave my desk a mess, and tell myself I’m going to make it to class no matter what, and some things will be left undone… for now.
*Sometimes I have to say ‘no’ to someone else, so I can say ‘yes’ to myself.
*My excuses used to sway me, very easily, with every other type of exercise I’ve tried, but I love Yoga so much that I hate it when I have to miss a class. And I can’t wait to come back!!

We all know how relieved we feel when we {finally} make it to a class. Never do we regret making our well-being a priority… especially while floating away in Savasana!

Sometimes sacrifices are made. Sometimes we must get creative with our schedules and/or finances. Sometimes we must be brave and show up, even when our friends don’t. Sometimes we must say ‘no’ to someone else so we can say ‘yes’ to ourselves.

Because we are worth it. And dang, sometimes that Savasana is calling our name!!