Directions to Jack Barclay’s Place

Directions to Jack Barclay’s place.
2736 Blue Mtn. Road, Port Angeles, WA 98362.
Cell (360) 808-9091.

I live halfway between Port Angeles and Sequim, 2.7 miles south of Highway 101 (27 in my address means 2.7 miles from 101). Most navigation devices take you to my mailbox on Blue Mtn. Road, but I live 0.6 mile off of Blue Mtn. Road so follow these directions to get to my house.

Turn south off of 101 onto Blue Mtn. Road across from the R store, which is on the north side of 101. Proceeding south on Blue Mtn. Road at 2.1 miles you will go past the Hermann Farm on the left with a large new red barn behind the Hermann Farm sign.

Go up over the hill and go past the Goa Way street sign on the right at the top of the hill. Then there is a field and pond on the left and a quarter of a mile farther there is a small house painted mauve on the left. There is a small orchard and a row of dense conifers between the house and the road. Across from the house look for a grey mailbox with the name Perricone on it and three small green fire district signs; 2734, 2736, 2738 behind the mailboxes.

Turn right on the unnamed gravel road by the mailboxes. Go west on this single lane gravel road and continue past the driveway to the Perricones (with orange gate posts) on your left at ¼ mile. Follow the road, it turns left at ½ mile (there is an overgrown logging road that goes strait and quickly veers to the right), go through an open green metal pipe gate after you turn left, go uphill through two stone columns with lights on the tops and turn right on my driveway shortly past the stone columns.

There is a small green 2736 sign under the edge of the woods where you turn right on my driveway. You will see my brick red house with white trim off to the right. Take the right lane where my driveway splits and goes around a wooded driveway island. Park in front of my garage or on the right side of my
driveway to allow other cars to pass.