Tips for Beginners

“I’m not flexible enough… I’m overweight… I’m too old

I’m not strong enough… I’m too busy…”

Are any of these thoughts running through your head? There is a common misconception that you must be a certain something before you even try. At Poser Yoga, we strive to create a comfortable, non-competitive environment, especially for our first-timers. We understand that it isn’t easy to try something new, and we want you to feel safe and supported. The hardest part is taking that first step and getting yourself to the studio. Let us guide you from there…. we’ll take care of you!!

Below are a few tips for beginning Yoga students. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak with the class instructor. We will be happy to help you!

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early, especially for your first class, so we can get your information details and help you get settled in.
  • Wear clothes you can move in. We have Yoga mats to use if you don’t have your own.
  • During class, it’s okay to take a rest. Should you feel dizzy or out of breath, sit down or lay down, and relax.
  • The effects of Yoga are cumulative. Be patient, it may take 10 classes before you begin to feel more confident and comfortable in your Yoga practice.
  • Read 10 Things Every Beginning Yoga Student Should Know
  • Please read our Studio Etiquette page for extra tips you might not have considered.

Which class should you try first?

All classes are open to beginners, however there are a few that move at a slower pace.
Beginner Basics (Tue/Thu 4PM) (Mon/Wed 4PM Sequim)
Slow Flow (Mon/Wed 5:30PM; Tue/Thu 7AM)
All Levels Flow (Tue/Thu/Fri 10AM; Mon/Wed 5:30PM Sequim)
MidDay Boost (Mon/Wed/Fri 12PM)
Restore (Tue 7PM, Thu/Sat 10AM)(Mon/Wed 7PM; Sun 10AM Sequim)

Get our First Timer’s Intro Pass!

With the exception of our Kids’ Yoga, students must be 18+ to attend class. Minors as young as 16 may accompany an adult. In certain situations, accommodations can be made at the discretion of the studio director.

We encourage our students to create their own profile online. You can purchase class passes, manage reservations, view class history, buy gift cards… and more!

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