Studio Etiquette

Below are a few Yoga studio etiquette tips to help you and your fellow students enjoy their practice at the studio…

  1. Classes start on time. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. This ensures you ample time to get your things put away, find a good place to set your mat and even a pre-savasana to get you into the right mindset for your practice.
  2. Refrain from using your cell phone. Please make sure it is set to silent and leave it with your other belongings. (This includes iPhone watches.)
  3. Please do your best to make the studio a scent-free space. Some guests are sensitive to fragrances, and smells can be distracting. Feel free to freshen up and spritz away, after class.
  4. Know when to shhh. Please err on the side of quiet and read the energy in the room. Some like to meditate and clear their mind in preparation for their practice.
  5. Place your mat and belongings down gently. Your neighbour will thank your for being so mindful! After class, please put away any props you may have used, and if you borrowed one of our mats, please give it a light spray and hang it on the drying rack.
  6. Please leave your shoes at the entrance and enjoy the freedom of going barefoot in the studio.
  7. Ultimately, you are your own teacher. Listen to your body and take a break if you need to. It is okay to take a rest!
  8. Hydration is key. Make sure you are drinking enough water during the day to ensure your practice runs smoothly. If you’re feeling dizzy or experiencing cramping in your joints, this may mean you need to up the H2O!
  9. Enjoy your class and we hope you consider making Poser Yoga your Yoga community!!

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