Snow and Studio Closures

It doesn’t happen often, but when the forecasts call for snow, this is how manage our schedule….

In general, we follow the school district’s call, but not always. If/when the weather seems fine and we have teachers that can get to class, likely we will keep classes running. If/when the weather turns more and more inclement, changes may be made throughout the day.

1. Keep your eyes on our FB pages and this website.

2. Reserving on Mindbody is especially helpful during these times. If classes are canceled, we will reach out to everyone on the rosters. If you plan to stay home, please cancel yourself out so we can expedite our outreach.

3. With two locations, there may be times when we make the call to cancel, just to be on the safe side. We don’t want to be the reason people are traveling if we can keep the roads clear for those who *must* travel.

**As the weather has the possibility of turning more inclement, classes are subject to cancellation/substitution at any time.