Poser YOGA Policy On Multi-Class Passes

One of the hallmarks of a committed Yoga student is the practice of purchasing multi-class (or 1 month unlimited) passes. This is beneficial for a variety of reasons. First, the student gets a discounted price over the drop-in fee. Second, the student is making a commitment to his or her practice. Third, the studio is supported in knowing that people plan to come to class on a somewhat regular basis. It’s a win for all sides, and we are all grateful for your commitment to yourself and your support of the studio. It’s part of what enables us to stay in business and continue to offer the wonderful variety of classes you’ve come to expect.

Of course, the benefit to the student of buying a pass is the discount. The benefit to the studio is knowing students will be attending a specific number of classes within a specific time frame. That’s the reciprocity created by this arrangement.

Here are the lengths of our multi-class (non-membership) passesĀ and we respectfully ask for your understanding and agreement:

1-Month Unlimited: must be used within one month
2-Week Intro Pass: must be used within 14 days
4-Class Pass: must be used within 3 months
8-Class Pass: must be used within 3 months

Please make note of the expiration of your pass. You will receive courtesy automatic email reminders prior to the expiration of your pass, with the details of when the pass will expire. With the 4 and 8 Class passes, you will also get a reminder when you have 2 classes left. (Make sure we have your email and you opt-in for notifications to ensure you receive these reminders!!)

Often people wish to extend passes or use passes that are long expired. In the past, we have tried to accommodate these requests but, this will no longer be allowed. It negates the reciprocity of the agreement and creates complications for the studio that take us away from our primary mission: to deliver high quality classes in a peaceful environment and support you in your health goals. That being said, there will be extenuating circumstances. Please be proactive if you foresee a situation that might cause you to be unable to make efficient use of your pass.

We feel privileged to serve you, and we strive to offer top notch services and genuine support!