Class Descriptions

PLEASE NOTE: As of January 1st, 2020, cancellations made less than an hour before class time will result in a $10 fee. To avoid this fee, please cancel more than an hour before class to ensure that other students have ample time to take your place should they wish to join class.

STRONG FLOW: A steady paced practice with dynamic variations. Classes may include traditional sun salutations, arm balances and inversions, with attention to proper body alignment and mindful breathing. Sequences are energetic and vigorous, often times linking several postures together. Expect to sweat and leave feeling revitalized. Moderate to difficult poses.
*This class is offered 3 times on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.

ALL LEVELS FLOW: This class sequences breath and movement at a deliberate pace, designed to build strength, awareness, flexibility and balance. Variations are offered with all levels in mind.
*This class is offered 4 times on our weekly Sequim schedule.

SLOW FLOW: You will LOVE this blend of a gentle Yoga flow, paired with restorative stretching. Sequences may weave between longer held postures and continuous, purposeful movement, helping to develop co-ordination and smooth transitions. Ideal for those who want to move a little, and relax a LOT. Great for beginners and those who desire a slower pace.
*This class is offered 4 times on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.

MID-DAY BOOST: This noon time class is a quick one, we’re in a and out in 50 minutes! Here’s a chance to reorganize your thoughts, take a few calming, breaths, and reset yourself for the rest of your day. Expect fluid movements, balances, gentle twists and some body strengthening poses. Every class is different, and we accommodate all levels.
*This class is offered 3 times on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.

BEGINNER BASICS: This class is designed for beginners and anyone else who is looking to refine their Yoga practice. Expect an opportunity to ask questions and see postures demonstrated. You will gain useful tips, as well as a better understanding of the mechanics of your body as you move through your Yoga practice.
*This class is offered 2 times on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.
*This class is offered 2 times on our weekly Sequim schedule.

HEATED YOGA: This class is a pre-set sequence of postures, practiced in a warm and humid room. The heat helps to bring clarity and focus to your practice. Benefits include increased flexibility, stamina, and strength.  Learn more on our page specifically about Heated Yoga.
*This class is offered 2 times on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.

RESTORE: A perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (Yang) styles of Yoga. Long, deep, steady stretches targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine help to enhance joint mobility and flexibility. Stillness and peaceful observation encourage a greater mind-body connection and sense of calm. Visualization, relaxation techniques and meditation may be incorporated. Plan to leave a Restore class feeling relaxed and spacious.
*This class is offered 3 times on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.
*This class is offered 3 times on our weekly Sequim schedule.

PAY WHAT YOU CAN: Yoga is for everyone, and not everyone has a steady flow of cash. Current Yoga passes apply for this class, and also available is the option to pay a cash donation that you feel is in alignment with your earnings and fair for the exchange of a Yoga class.
*This class is offered 1 time on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.

Yoga Alternatives

ADULT HIP HOP: A fun, high energy dance class that teaches musicality and basic movements of Hip Hop without a lot of intricate steps. Great for beginners and anyone else wanting to move and groove.
*This class is offered 1 time on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.

BREATHWORK:  This class uses a special a breathing technique that aims to create balance and harmony within the body and mind. This technique helps to feel ‘tuned in’ to ones’ healing needs. This can be a very special experience and it may be helpful to bring a notepad to record certain thoughts, feelings, memories and/or visions that surface.

*This class is offered 1 time on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.

PILATES: Pilates is a specialized exploration of movement, concentrating on core control, breath awareness, and spinal alignment. All levels are welcomed.
*This class is offered 1 time on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.

BACK CARE: This class is designed for students with problematic or chronically stiff backs, or those continuing students that desire a slower, gentle, sequential practice. Back Care is specifically designed to address muscle length and strength imbalances that affect the spine, decompression of discs, release of chronic tension patterns, and improving spinal alignment. A focus on breath will help release the body and relax the mind, and simple movements will help to gain mobility in the spine. Classes will be modified based on the needs, abilities, and progress of the class participants.

*This class is offered 1 time on our weekly Port Angeles schedule.
*This class is offered 1 time on our weekly Sequim schedule.

Currently on Pause

ZUMBA: Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. The choreography incorporates hip hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, cumbia and mambo. It’s pretty much the most awesome workout ever! You’ll dance to great music, with great people and you’ll burn a ton of calories without even realizing it!

KIDS YOGA and/or HIP HOP:  This series give kids a chance to choose, one or the other… or BOTH! Elements of art, music, dance, and FUN are incorporated into various games, and activities. While children gain strength, flexibility and co-ordination, their interpersonal skills will be developed by working together and sharing space. In Yoga, they’ll explore an important benefit – the art of stillness & mindfulness. In Hip Hop, they’ll burn off energy and explore the art of choreography!

QIGONG: A gentle, mindful practice to awaken the healing powers within the body. You will learn a simple hand placement (mudra) a healing word (mantra) and visualization techniques to help calm and focus the mind. These are the teachings of Awakening Light Gong, a traditional Chinese practice. This class is by donation.

YOGA MAMAS: This Post-Natal class is designed for new moms with babies 12 months and younger. Our goal is to find peace in the chaos that is Motherhood; we practice breathing techniques and move together in ways that are safe and healing. There are plenty of opportunities to talk and connect with each other, and as well, observe life as it changes rapidly. It truly is a gift to share this most precious time with new moms and their bundles of joy.

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