Beach Mandala Experience – PHOTOS!

Our Beach Mandala Experience on Sunday was such a special event! The weather was beautiful, and the environment encouraged creation and flow!

Karlyn led us through some warming movements and a conversation on the meaning and usage of mandalas. She then took us on a guided meditation that inspired us to see what we’re willing to let go of in order to make space for what we’re inviting in. Feeling tuned in, we then took off in different directions to collect our materials and put our intentions into physical form!

Here are some photos from the day:

Goat Yoga at Arcadia Farm, Sunday June 23, 2019!

Greetings all goat-lovin’ Yogis! We are very excited to prepare this event for you! We have nearly 60 attendees planning to join us this weekend! We’ve been told that there are 11 babies, ranging 2-3 months old, and 9 full grown sweeties, and they are all very friendly and eager to play! This is going to be a blaaaaast!!


The venue is located at 149 Blackbird Lane
Just a few minutes South on Black Diamond Road
600 block of Black Diamond Road; 1/4 mile after the Church on the first hill, turn Left on Blackbird Lane (at which point, please drive slowly)
Sunday June 23 | 12PM
Suggested Donation $5-$10
Proceeds go to Pennies for Quarters

Here is a message from our host, Gail:

Hi everyone! The goats and kids are super excited to meet all the yogis on Sunday! I’d like to remind everyone to please bring your own mat, plenty of water, and sunscreen & hats in case it’s sunny (there’s no shade in the pasture). Please drive slowly on Blackbird Lane (10 mph). We are inside the gate on the end. You can park anywhere on the circular drive that doesn’t block it. If it’s full, you can park along the lane outside.

Time to Practice at Home?

Have you ever practiced Yoga at home? Snowy weekends offer a perfect opportunity to get started! You’ll probably be surprised to see that you know more than you think you do, and you can personalize your practice to exactly what you want and need! Start in Child’s Pose. Then a few Cat/Cow. Back to Child’s Pose… to Down Dog, back to Child’s Pose…. repeat a few times. There you have it.

Here’s an article that suggests a few really great online options…
Click on the image below and check it out!

Send us your pics and show us your favourite posture!!



The Waitlist – What Does It Mean?

You’ve just signed up online for your next class with us, and you’ve been put on the waitlist…

What does that mean?

It means that you should still prepare to come to class! This is our best way of managing the size of our classes. We have enough room for everyone on the regular roster AND the waitlist. 

If/when people sign out of class, those on the waitlist get bumped up, onto the regular class list, making room for new wait-listers.

Please arrive early to claim your reserved spot. 5 minutes before class starts, unclaimed reservations may be released to those waiting at the door.

If you cannot make it to class, please ‘early cancel’ yourself off the list to make room for others. This will help us out at the 5 minute mark when we’re not sure if you’re still on your way, or not coming at all.

Thank you for helping us run things smoothly!! 💜🙏🏻

Feeling Squashed? Come take a class at our Sequim location!

Classes at our PA studio can get pretty big! If you are someone who likes to spread out, consider joining us at our Sequim studio!! We have a fantastic facility, fabulous teachers…. the same amazing Poser YOGA quality, with a different vibe.

And… there’s THE BEST coffee shop across the way, if you care to treat yourself to something delicious after class!!

4PM Beginner Basics
5:30PM All Levels Flow
6:45PM Restore

10AM All Levels Flow

We’re also adding:
Gentle Back Care
8-Week Series
Feb 5 – Mar 26
Tuesdays at 4PM

145 E Washington Street
Sequim, WA

5th Annual Zombie Thriller Flashmob with Poser YOGA!

Greetings to all you ghouls and goblins! This is the 5th year in row that we will be parading our Zombies around the downtown shops of Port Angeles!!! We’d love for you to catch a glimpse of what we’ve been working on all month long! We perform right on time, at each location! Feel free to take videos and photos, and share them with us on our Facebook page!

Here’s our performance schedule for Wednesday, October 31st, 2018:

Peninsula College (Students’ Union Building) – 1PM
Laurel Place Senior Living (1133 E Park Ave) – 1:15PM
PA Library – 1:30PM
Swain’s – 1:45PM
Safeway (3rd Street location) – 2PM
Country Aire (outside, under the canopy) – 2:15PM
Barhop Brewery – 2:30PM
Next Door Gastropub – 2:45PM
Laurel Street Fountain – 3PM

Why YOGA? with Danica Hedin

When I was 4 months postpartum with my daughter, my assistant manager suggested a Yoga Mamas class, taught by his wife, Deirdre Frank.  I had been looking to do a class where I could bring my baby to participate with me, so I decided to try it. I have tried many different workouts at many different places, and never felt like I was a part of the group. Poser YOGA has been the only place where I’ve ever felt like I’m truly a part of a second family. (It was in that class where I met another wonderful woman, Jenny Houston, and her little girl Waylen!)

I felt nervous when I went for the first time, but it quickly dissipated after meeting Deirdre. I’ve since told her, if she hadn’t been so nice and compassionate, I probably wouldn’t have come back. My first class left me feeling amazing, and it was then that I decided that yoga was right for me. I have practiced regularly for over 2 years now, and it’s the only thing that has actually stuck with me. It resonates with me. Through yoga, I have met and taken some classes from some incredible teachers, and I am proud to have them in my tribe, and as friends.

I have always been prone to anxiety, especially through my teenage years and into adulthood, and it was exacerbated after an unfortunate circumstance. Practicing yoga has helped me heal through trauma, combat my postpartum anxiety (I experienced it with both of my children), and anxiety in general. It has become more than a workout. It has be come a lifestyle that I utilize every day whether through asana, meditation, or interacting with people. I choose to be more compassionate because of what yoga has taught me. It has also helped me be a more patient woman and mother, even in my most stressful times. In those moments, I can count to ten and slow down my breathing, and all is a little better.

Yoga has given me a feeling of confidence, and a new found appreciation and respect for my body. No longer am I ashamed of my size , stretch marks, or body type — I am now proud and humbled at what I can do. It has been one of the best confidence boosting things that I have ever done for myself. Yoga is truly a passion for me. When I am unable to show up to the mat, my day feels incomplete.

Why should others do yoga? For the simple fact that it will change your life! It may not seem like it at first, but eventually it will happen. Yes, physically it will change you too, but more importantly it will change your whole mindset. You will feel more compassion towards fellow human beings, and things that used to bother you will not seem as important. (If that makes sense?) Plus you will meet so many wonderful, like-minded people.

To people who are wondering about yoga, and are afraid they don’t have time, I say this, “Whether you show up for 5 minutes or an hour and 5 minutes, it does not matter as long as you’re showing up! Every little bit makes a difference.” Sometimes I only have 5 minutes for a quick flow or meditation. And it truly does make a huge difference.

About six months into my yoga journey, I decided I wanted to share this with other people by becoming a yoga teacher. And since a young age,  I have thought about being a therapist. So I thought, why not combine two of my passions and become a yoga therapist?! It is my nature to be caring and compassionate, and I am the type of person who tries to help people when they need it.  My main goal through this process is to help adults and kids who’ve been through traumatic situations, or are living through personal struggles. I’d like to use yoga as a healing tool… to help them feel better.

In May of this year, I took my first class through YogaFit, and my journey towards becoming a yoga teacher began! It will take some time but I know I will get there. I am excited to see where my next chapter in this yoga journey will take me!

A little about me… I am nearly 36 years old, married, and a mother to two fantastically awesome little humans named Orion (5) and Thea (2.5). My children are among my greatest accomplishments in life. When I am not on my mat you can find me hanging with my kids, reading, or in the outdoors enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Grow Through What You Go Through

We’re entering week three of a new year. Maybe you’ve set some goals for yourself, some ‘New Year’s resolutions‘…. how’s it going so far? If you didn’t set yourself up for success right off the bat, you might be discovering that it takes a whole lot of gumption to actually do what you said you were going to do.

Are you feeling… Disappointed? Uninspired? Unmotivated? Did you unknowingly expect your goals to magically come to fruition, just because you thought them and desired them to be true? Well, here’s your #truthbomb for the day: Goals are just dreams until you put them into action.

The good thing is, goals can be set, and RE-set, at any time, not just January 1st. Would you like to start over? Well… guess what? Today is your lucky day because  [insert today’s date] just happens to be the new January 1st!

We all have ‘stuff’ that comes up. This is absolutely true. Road blocks, be them mental, emotional, physical, financial, work-related and/or relationship-related. And we get stuck… or even worse… stopped. However, it’s in our predicting and foreseeing of these obstacles, and how we meet them face to face, that can drastically alter the outcome. How resilient are you with respect to your road blocks and how often do you allow these obstacles to keep you from what you’ve set out to accomplish? Do you resent these set backs and resign to complacency? Or do you transform these road blocks into building blocks and grow through what you go through?

Here’s a very simple example: You and a friend have set a goal of attending one yoga class/week. Your friend is having car troubles and is not able to offer you a ride today. Do you:
A) Cancel your reservation. “Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be.
B) Reschedule for another day. “Thank goodness there’s another class I can make it to  this week!”
C) Take a taxi, ride the bus, walk, or ride your bike to class. “This is just a minor glitch in the plan.”
D) Not only do you make it to class, you encourage and inspire your friend to join you on the adventure, and the two of you have so much fun that you decide this will be your new, regular mode of transportation on your yoga day! “It feels great to stay committed to our goals, and this revision has made it that much more rewarding!”

How you handle set-backs largely affects your outcome, but let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

One at a time, choose an area in your life to focus on. You’ll spend approximately 8 minutes in each area, spending 32 minutes total (4 areas x 8 minutes).

  1. Personal Development goals
  2. Career/Business/Economic goals
  3. Toys/Adventure goals
  4. Contribution goals

BRAINSTORM. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write rapidly. If there was absolutely no way you could fail, what could you accomplish? Keep your pen to paper and let your ideas flow. Keep it simple. Don’t worry about the details, they will come later. Let yourself dream; be a kid. Be outrageous. Give yourself the freedom to explore what’s possible, with no limitations.

SET A DEADLINE. Take 1 minute to assign a timeframe for the goal. How long do you expect it to take for you to get done what you want to accomplish? Setting deadlines will make these dreams much more real, and tangible.

CHOOSE ONE PRIMARY GOAL.  For 2 minutes, write down all the reasons you are committed to this goal and why is it’s worth investing your time. Why is this goal important to you? You have GOT to feel motivated and inspired by this goal, otherwise re-word it or change it altogether.

Follow these steps and… CONGRATS! You’ve just set 4 one-year goals, one for each major area in your life!

And now, here’s where you’ll take a closer look. With each one-year goal, break it down into achievable chunks. Determine short term, measurable steps that will bring you closer and closer to achieving your goal. Give yourself room to adjust as you set these steps in motion. Consider setbacks that could present themselves, and how you expect to overcome them. Be realistic and honest, set priorities, and track your progress. Ask others to help you remain accountable, and share with them when you achieve your goals.

Above all, the most important part of goal setting is to celebrate your successes! No matter how small these accomplishments may seem, they are all part of the larger picture! You will one day look back and see how far you’ve come, and the effort required will have been well worth it!

Grow through what you go through. This really does hold weight. Every experience that is put in front of us is a new opportunity for growth and change. We can choose to accept these obstacles, and rise above them, or we can allow them to hold us back. You have the power to make your dreams a reality. Isn’t this so exciting?

What kind of impact do you want to create in your own life, and the lives that surround you? Don’t be afraid to live large, and out loud.  The alternative is dreary and sad and small – you are so much more than that. Everyone else knows it, and if you haven’t already,  it’s time for you to discover it too!




Get Your Poser YOGA Apparel!! Deadline is OCTOBER 27th

Hey, hey, hey!!!!

We’re getting ready to order more Poser YOGA apparel for our shoppe and we’re giving you an opportunity to choose the style, colour and size YOU want!! We’re sending out the order at the end of the month, so the deadline for personal orders and payment is: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27th.

All pre-orders will get 10% off…. and members get 15%.

The catalogue will be available at the studio, as well as order forms. Below are links to the catalogue and the order form if you’d like to prepare your order beforehand, and bring it into the studio. (Click on the image.)