Zombie Thriller Flash Mob – 6th Year! Thursday, Oct 31, 2019 in Port Angeles

This Thursday marks our 6th year surprising the crowds of Port Angeles, dressed as Zombies and dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller! If you’ve got the time, catch us at one of our venues…. and if you take photos or videos, please share them with us… we’d love to see them!!

Laurel Place Senior Living (1133 E Park Ave) – 1PM
Peninsula College (cafeteria) – 1:15PM
Nols-Port Angeles Branch – 1:30PM
Swain’s General Store – 1:45PM
Safeway (3rd Street location) – 2PM
Country Aire Natural Foods Market  (out front, under the canopy) – 2:30PM
Laurel Street Fountain – 2:45PM

Below are a few photos from last years’ Flash Mob!

Hey, June!

Hey, June!
Howdy, Yogis!!!

We have a lot going on right now, so let’s keep you in the loop!!

Unlimited Summer passes are now underway and we look forward to seeing your shining faces a lot this summer!!! Want all the Yoga you can get?

Have you decided on your PERSONAL CHALLENGE?? Sign the poster at the studio, and lock yourself in!! And enter the draw every time you come to class! *Fabulous prizes to be won at the end of the summer!!
We now have 10-Class combo cards! 5 classes with us and 5 classes with AVAILfit downtown!! $100, and three months to gobble up awesome classes!! 
BEERGA is this Sunday!! Reserve your spot here
Summer CampWe have set our dates for our very FIRST Summer Camp! Poser YOGA and CageworX are joining forces to provide PA kids with an AWESOME summer experience! July 24-28, 9AM-12PM, ages 5-13! Activities include yoga, dance, martial arts, outdoor activities, and more!! Sign up before June 30th and get a $25 discount!!
(We want this camp to be available to anyone who wants to participate, so please ask us about multi-child pricing, and payment plans.)

Why Latin Dance Fitness? A Gentle Persuasion from Diane

Photo by Diane Urbani de la Paz A Latin dance fitness enthusiast during Carnival in Trinidad, West Indies
Photo by Diane Urbani de la Paz
A Latin dance fitness enthusiast during Carnival in Trinidad, West Indies

Si, se puede. Yes, we can.

That’s what I say about Latin dance. Whoever you are, you have rhythm — because you have a heart and it has a beat.

As a child, I didn’t dance. I was way too shy and awkward. Decades later, thank goodness I discovered salsa. I watched people doing it at the Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts in Port Angeles. Then I went to a salsa and yoga retreat in California, and have been love, love, loving it ever since.

For reasons inexplicable, salsa feels so good. I have a pure sensation of freedom and release when I dance to these rhythms. It’s very much like the feeling we feel in a good yoga class — only with conga drums and flutes and bongos pouring out of the stereo.

So, a couple of years ago when I became a yoga teacher, I had this voice in the back of my head: Latin dance. Fitness. So much fun. Share…

Friends, it’s going to happen. You’re invited to the joyous premiere of Latin Dance Fitness for every body, on four Saturdays: Feb. 25 through March 18 at Poser YOGA. This is just in time for Carnival, the pre-Lenten celebration that happens across the Americas. I adore the Carnival parades, where people of every age, shape and shade dance in the sunshine.

In our version of Carnival, we’ll learn a bit about the history of Afro-Cuban music and dance, and we’ll explore — with light hearts always —  the salsa from Cuba, the merengue from Republica Dominicana and the cumbia from Colombia, of course with fun warm-ups and cool-downs. I’ll stir in some Spanish words that are pertinent to the activity.

This class is for women, men, singles, couples, teens, elders — anyone who wants to shake off her or his stresses and enjoy great music. Swaying the hips, rocking to the beat: These things are like magic.

All this said, it was challenging to find the right time for the class. Ultimately I chose 4PM for three reasons: It’s happy hour;  the Port Angeles Farmers Market is all wrapped up, and it’s a way to get relaxed for whatever your Saturday night activities might be.

Please join me, and spread the word to your friends!

Latin Dance Fitness

Beat the Winter Blues at Poser YOGA!

16251335_606726666189889_1266445912_oThis is a chance for a change! Winter in the area can be hard due to short, dark days. Seasonal depression can be a real hurdle. This event is a chance to break the cycle and give you the knowledge to stop it from repeating itself.

A little retail therapy; the chance to learn a little about essential oils that can naturally help with depression anxiety and stress; the chance to produce serotonin and dopamine with movement geared towards helping with the aforementioned ailments.

There will be a little bit for every one!
LuLaRoe pop-up with Courtney Thomas
DōTERRA with Sara Shearer
Kundalini with Karlyn Langjahr
Tap Dance Intro with Jenny Stewart Houston

Refreshments will be served!

(A big thank you to Sara for organizing this event!!)

3rd Annual Zombie Thriller Flash Mob

Every year the crowds get larger as they wait with anticipation to see Zombies emerge from the shadows! Excellent costuming and rehearsed dancers made for the BEST Zombie mob so far! If you’ve been wanting to join us but feel nervous and shy, next year will be YOUR year! You’ll just have to wait 350 days or so! (That should be plenty of time to work up the courage?!?!) A big thank you to all our locations for not kicking us out when we showed up with our speakers and scary faces!! (Library, Swain’s, Courthouse, Safeway, Country Aire, NextDoor Gastropub, downtown fountain)

Watch our performance at the fountain

Slideshow from the library