Beach Mandala Experience, June 13th

Mandalas connect us symbolically to the wholeness of the Universe in a geometric configuration, and specifically, nature-based mandalas help us tap into our creativity through the elements of nature & our environment.

In this special workshop, we’ll utilize the energy of the Solar Eclipse – fresh beginnings, opportunities, & clarity on our path. Before creating our beach mandala, we’ll incorporate some movement, breathwork, & meditation to set our intention for our creation. We’ll then comb the beach to collect items that inspire us – feathers, rocks, shells, driftwood, etc. and get to work, constructing our mandalas!
(Scroll down to see samples from past attendees!!)

This will be a mindful & playful process with focus on what we want to eclipse into our life and what we are ready to eclipse out!

This event will be held at the mouth of the Elwha River
*More detailed info re: meeting place, parking, etc. will be sent to participants closer to the day.
Advanced sign-up is important.



Karlyn Langjahr currently lives in Wyoming and she’ll be visiting us on the peninsula mid-June! She’s a deep-hearted, nature-loving, healing yogi soul with an enthusiasm for spreading joy & connection.
You can find her on our regular schedule on Mondays at 10AM PST, virtual-only, with one in-studio appearance on June 14th! And, she’ll be guiding a Kundalini workshop in person on Thursday, Jun 17th. More info.

Here are a few nature mandalas. Credit to Karlyn’s past participants, and @rootedfromwithin