Welcome to Poser YOGA!

SCHEDULE UPDATE: Wednesday Feb 13th (11:41AM)

Thank you everyone for being so patient with our ups & downs and class cancellations!

Many of you live within walking distance to the studio, but our staff and teachers do not. It’s a sloppy mess out there. I got as far as the alley behind my house before I had three people digging my car out and barely getting it back into the driveway! Unfortunately I’m in for the rest of the day.

In the name of safety (and general relief of the anxiety and frustration this is all causing) we will close completely today.

This has been a lot of work to update regularly and maintain communication on all platforms…. I’m beat!!!

Hopefully this is the last day of Snowmageddon!!

Oh, one more thing… 7AM tomorrow (Thursday) will be canceled too.

Jenny xx

SCHEDULE UPDATE: Wednesday Feb 13th (9AM)
Online registration for classes in Sequim is very low and/or zero. No one appears to be moving about, so we will cancel tonight’s classes (Beginner Basics, All Levels and Restore.)
Please continue to check with our online schedule before coming to class. 
Based on registration, and until further notice, PA classes will look as follows:
12PM MidDay Boost
4PM Pilates (CANCELED)
5:30PM Slow Flow



UPDATE: No classes Tuesday Feb 12, but we DO have a video for you!

Here’s the replay of the Facebook Live Yoga class with Jenny this morning. You should be able to watch it even if you don’t have a Facebook account. We hope you enjoy stretching out in your living room! (Cats, dogs, kiddos, and family members are welcome to join too…. or not…. up to you!!)


UPDATE: Monday PM, Feb 11th

Wow – this snow is relentless!!!
You guessed it….. no classes Tuesday (2/12)!!

If you haven’t already done so, join our Poser YOGA Community Page and tune in Tuesday morning at 10AM for a Facebook Live class with Jenny!

If you can’t make it for the live broadcast, not to worry, the video will remain on the page and you can watch it and follow along any time that works for you!

We will also post it here on the website for those not on FB.

We’ve decided to follow the school district’s lead and cancel our classes when they announce school closures.

So, for sure tomorrow (Monday) we will have no classes. Tuesday, we’re on a wait-and-see basis.

This weather sure is putting a damper on us seeing each regularly, isn’t it?

Our social life (and path to enlightenment!) can wait. Safety is our primary concern right now.

Thank you for your understanding….how’s the home practice coming along?

Continue to Check-In:

Our Facebook page is a great place to check in for cancellations. Also, our online schedule will reflect canceled classes. We will post updates here on the website too.

If you don’t absolutely need to be somewhere this weekend, we recommend choosing to stay home, or travel by snowshoe, x-country skis, or toboggan!! If possible, let’s stay out of the way of our community members who MUST travel the roads.

“Nama-stay safe, Yogis!” 🙏🏻

(How about you get outside and practice in the snow?? Send us your photos!!)

Poser YOGA offers a wide range of Yoga styles, plus other options like Pilates and Hip Hop dance. Absolute beginners, seniors, long-time practitioners, mothers-to-be, athletes… all are welcome to experience the tremendous benefits of yoga and movement.


w/ Steve Saunders
This series is designed for seniors (~50+) with little or no recent yoga experience, or those who would like to continue their practice at a safe, gentle, sequential pace designed to improve overall strength, flexibility and balance.
February 5-March 26
Tuesdays 2-3PM
$85/8 classes

w/ Steve Saunders

This series is designed for students with problematic or chronically stiff backs, or those continuing students that desire a slower, gentle, sequential practice. This series is specifically designed to address muscle length and strength imbalances that affect the spine, decompression of discs, release of chronic tension patterns, and improving spinal alignment.
February 5-March 26
Tuesdays 4-5PM
$85/8 classes

Along with the newly named 5th Element BJJ (formerly CageworX  MMA) we’ve branched out into new territory! Here’s a look at our small (to start!!) schedule in Sequim!!  We’ll be adding more classes as we gain a better idea what is needed and wanted! So make your requests known! And the best way to support a class that you want to keep on the schedule… is to come to class!
Check out our special Sequim promotion: 3 weeks, 3 classes, $30

Join Poser YOGA for a fun Yoga flow, then rehydrate with a frosty pint of craft beer or a bubbly mimosa! We have our brand new, 2019 schedule and our next Beerga will be Sunday, April 7th!

CLASS: 11-12PM (Doors open at 10:30AM)
Tickets: $20/person ($10 for members)
18+ to participate, 21+ to drink

INTRO TO YOGA WORKSHOPS – Next one is in March!
Have you been thinking about yoga? Are you nervous to give it a try and don’t know what to expect? Would you feel more comfortable knowing that everyone in the room is a brand-new beginner, just like you? Then this is the workshop for you! You’ll learn the basic fundamentals of yoga, meet a few of our teachers, get your questions answered, and experience a slow-paced, entry-level yoga class. Any and all levels of fitness are welcome and no experience is necessary – in fact, we’ll expect that! Bring a water bottle and wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing you can move freely in. Yoga mats and other props will be supplied. Space is limited and pre-registration is encouraged.


Sequim Studio; 145 E Washington Street
March ; 2-4PM

Sequim Studio; 145 E Washington Street
May 18; 2-4PM
RESERVE HERE – coming soon!


We’re making it even easier to maintain a regular practice! Choose from a variety of monthly options, and begin your journey towards transforming your LIFE! These passes are not available online; please ask us in studio and we’ll help get you started with a pass that’s perfect for YOU!

About Us

Originally founded as Kula Yoga by Travis Riemer, the studio was created to provide a safe and supportive environment where people could come and learn the art of yoga, enjoy its health benefits, and experience a deeper connection with themselves and others. Continuing this original intention, Jenny Stewart Houston became the Director & Owner of the studio, reborn as Poser YOGA in 2014.

A video can say it all… click on the photo to watch ours! Our location has changed, but the feeling’s still the same!

Screen shot 2016-06-11 at 3.21.43 PM


Each of us has an amazing story to share. We’ve all been transformed by our yoga practice, and our stories are worthy of sharing. Please consider sharing your story or follow this link for more information on this project.

Are you a certified Yoga teacher and you’d like to join our team of amazing instructors?

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