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Poser YOGA offers a wide range of Yoga styles, plus other options like Pilates and Hip Hop dance. Absolute beginners, seniors, long-time practitioners, mothers-to-be, athletes… all are welcome to experience the tremendous benefits of yoga and movement.


Have you been thinking about yoga? Are you nervous to give it a try and don’t know what to expect? Would you feel more comfortable knowing that everyone in the room is a brand-new beginner, just like you? Then this is the workshop for you! You’ll learn the basic fundamentals of yoga, meet a few of our teachers, get your questions answered, and experience a slow-paced, entry-level yoga class. Any and all levels of fitness are welcome and no experience is necessary – in fact, we’ll expect that! Bring a water bottle and wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing you can move freely in. Yoga mats and other props will be supplied. Space is limited and pre-registration is encouraged.

Coming Up:
Saturday October 12th; 2-4PM (Port Angeles location)
Saturday January 18th; 2-4PM (Sequim location)

Learn the choreography to Michael Jackson’s Thriller every Wednesday in October! And on Halloween, we’ll dress up like zombies and perform around Port Angeles! (You know you wanna!)

*$40 for 5 Wednesdays with our  Learn Thriller” pass!!
Wednesdays; 7-8PM

Thursday, October 24th 7-8PM
FREE session

A class, and an experience, of caring for yourself and building a community, brought to you by our guest (and Poser YOGA member!) Kim Ykema. Learn some of the easy-going basics of InterPlay; movement, stories, silence and vocalization that will improve how you live in yourself and in the community. InterPlay is based in affirmation, acceptance and looking for the good. It’s not therapy; it’s therapeutic. InterPlay movements can be done seated or standing. For the best experience, wear clothing that allows easy movement.

Thursday November 7th; 7-8PM
FREE info-session
Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life and longevity. It is one of the oldest healthcare systems known, originating 5,000 years ago. The four pillars of life in Ayurveda are relationships, lifestyle, sleep and food. This info-session will incorporate a presentation and group discussion on Ayurveda principles, to suggest how we can apply this healthcare system to our yoga practice and daily lives.

Child & Infant Diet & Health
Thursday November 21st; 7-8PM
FREE info-session

“We believe that being alive is not the same as living. We believe in returning to the ways that Mother Nature provided. And we believe in helping others to navigate their journey to the version of health they choose.”

Candi Griffith and Mary Bailey are Board Certified Nutritional Therapists. They offer Energetic Nutritional Testing and Counseling at their practice in Port Angeles WA. They also teach nutrition classes to Natural Healthcare Practitioners across the country. They are passionate about food and helping people to reach their highest health potential.
Topic: Child & Infant Diet & Health
Breastfeeding: The impact of food on breast milk & baby
Kids As Food Critics: Ways to entice kids to try new foods
Setting Good Examples: Planning good eating behaviors and guidelines with your own diet
Hiding Veggies: Tricks to get kids eating more vegetables
ADHD: Gut-brain connection; how sugar affects the brain


We are so very happy to welcome Danyel Ryan LMT to our Sequim location! She is a massage therapist specializing in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Craniosacral Therapy.

She is open and ready for business!
Check out her list of services here.



Along with the newly named 5th Element BJJ (formerly CageworX  MMA) we’ve branched out into new territory! Here’s a look at our small (to start!!) schedule in Sequim!!  We’ll be adding more classes as we gain a better idea what is needed and wanted! So make your requests known! And the best way to support a class that you want to keep on the schedule… is to come to class!

Also, newly added classes:
Tuesdays: Back Care @ 4PM
Sundays: Restore @ 10AM


Join Poser YOGA for a fun Yoga flow, then rehydrate with a frosty pint of craft beer or a bubbly mimosa! We have our brand new, 2019 schedule and our next Beerga will be Sunday, October 13th!

CLASS: 11AM-12PM (Doors open at 10:30AM)
Tickets: $20/person ($10 for members)
18+ to participate, 21+ to drink


We’re making it even easier to maintain a regular practice! Choose from a variety of monthly options, and begin your journey towards transforming your LIFE! These passes are not available online; please ask us in studio and we’ll help get you started with a pass that’s perfect for YOU!

About Us

Originally founded as Kula Yoga by Travis Riemer, the studio was created to provide a safe and supportive environment where people could come and learn the art of yoga, enjoy its health benefits, and experience a deeper connection with themselves and others. Continuing this original intention, Jenny Stewart Houston became the Director & Owner of the studio, reborn as Poser YOGA in 2014.

A video can say it all… click on the photo to watch ours! Our location has changed, but the feeling’s still the same!

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Each of us has an amazing story to share. We’ve all been transformed by our yoga practice, and our stories are worthy of sharing. Please consider sharing your story or follow this link for more information on this project.

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